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     Hope Floats 

       36x48" acrylic on canvas























































"Hope Floats" reminds you to never give up, to never lose hope no matter how dire things seem. It tells you to look within, to seek your center, because there lies your power and strength to carry on and to carry through, and to continue to make even the smallest differences through simple acts of kindness and love, even when it seems as if nothing will change on a larger scale. Paradoxically, through these simple acts lie the grandest seeds of lasting change.


The design for "Hope Floats" came about on 10/10/10 as I was riveted to the TV watching the ongoing efforts to rescue 33 Chilean miners who'd been trapped in a collapsed mine for 66 days (3 days later, all the miners would be successfully rescued as an estimated 1 billion people worldwide watched on their TV's). 

The thing that moved me to draw this mandala was the hope that seemed so pervasive during this ordeal. There was something so profound about witnessing the collective experience of hope that was being held by so many in the face of such dire circumstances. It seemed to float above the fear and helplessness of the situation. It made me realize that we must never lose hope, even in the darkest of times. 

I ended up tucking the drawing away for 7 years. But in the face of these troubled times we are living in, it seemed the time had come for it to emerge. As I began to contemplate this painting, I decided to use some new techniques (glazing and layering) and imagery (the Tibetan clouds). Taking several months to paint, 
"Hope Floats" has become a powerful touchstone and a point of light in the darkness to help us remember that HOPE is powerful and necessary to move us forward.




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