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Daniel Antes is an artist, master woodworker, and co-founder of Distinctive Hardwood Floors. I am privileged to collaborate with Daniel as he turns my mandalas into these intricate and stunning works of art in wood while honoring the energy, symmetry and integrity of my original designs.


The uses for these beautiful pieces are diverse - from an exquisite table top, to impressive wall art, to an inlay medallion in a custom wood floor.


Our collaborative work is featured below. You can learn more about Daniel and his work here:

"Unbroken" Mandala

This inlay piece incorporates 10 different species of wood, both common and exotic, plus brass accents, and measures 72" in diameter. It has a 1-1/2" thick solid edge and the1220 individually cut pieces were assembled by hand.



For pricing and further information, please contact Daniel at or call 

812) 988-4112.

Assembly complete!


The journey of a mandala design - from my original mandala painting to a CADD enhanced drawing to wood inlay magic.

"Thrive" Mandala

This 72" inlay mandala was hand-assembled from 880 individually cut pieces. A variety of woods were used including dye injected woods to create the beautiful colors.



For pricing and further information, please contact Daniel at or call 

812) 988-4112.

original painting

"Thrive" Mandala 2

At 36" in diameter, this piece is a smaller version of the original "Thrive" but contains all the same attributes as the larger version.



You can learn more about this mandala or purchase it by clicking on this link to my Etsy Shop.

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