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About Eileen 


When I was a kid, all I wanted to be when I grew up was an artist. When I was 11, my dad bought me my first set of oil paints for Christmas. I was ecstatic! Although I never really liked school, my art classes were my salvation. But life has a way of interceding, redirecting our plans and taking us in directions we never anticipated. As time went on, my dream got buried in the day to day grind (and joy) of living. But I never stopped expressing my creative urge through tapestry weaving, quilting, creating an award winning garden and building a 40' labyrinth in my yard.


It wasn't until my mid-40's that my dream of being an artist was rekindled when I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. About the same time, I learned about mandalas. Over the next 10 years I started drawing and painting them and refining my spiritual practice which led me to creating personal mandalas for individuals. It is through meditation and spiritual practice that I tap into a person's energy and literally see the symbolic imagery to create these commissions.

Now, another 10 years have passed and as I find myself in my mid-60's, there is a sense of liberation and wisdom and clarity that has come with age. And my love for mandalas and transformative art continues to evolve and deepen.


All my mandalas are built on a foundation of sacred geometry, and it is my purpose to create art that symbolically reflects spiritual truths. I think of each one I create as a visual resting place or a safe haven, that when gazed upon will help to quiet the mind, restore the soul and bring you back to center.


My art is intended to help people on their own life journeys, to inspire them to look within and connect with their inner source. And to help them remember that in spite of the chaos and drama that swirls around them in their everyday lives, that on a deeper level all is well. This is the 'magic' and the sacredness of mandala that I hope to share with you through my art.







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