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Artist Statement

My work, as a visionary artist, embodies the idea that we are interconnected with all things; that we are simultaneously one and the whole. The mandala is beautifully symbolic of this concept, showing us our center and, at the same time, reminding us that we are connected to all that surrounds us.


Armed with only a compass, ruler and protractor, I create my designs by hand. I think of my mandalas as bridges between the seen and unseen; the temporal and the spiritual. 


Utilizing sacred geometry, symmetry, repetitive designs, and symbolism creates harmony within the structure of my mandalas which in turn is transmitted to the viewer on a deeper level. 


Gazing at a mandala becomes a visual meditation, an opportunity to pause, regroup, and find balance. When we are centered, it helps us to meet the world in a deeper, more profound and meaningful way. 

From upper left clockwise: start to finish. "Unity"

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